Hybridizer MSI download

Here you can download the beta version of Hybridizer Essentials.
Comparison to production release:

  • Support of commercial licenses
  • Extended trial period (3 months)
  • Documentation! We published both general and API doc.
  • MSI based installer instead of VSIX
  • Complete rewrite of Visual Studio integration. Should be faster and better looking.
  • Free for academics/students and hobbyists (upon request)
  • New features and bug fixes:
    • Heap allocation of primitive types arrays (new float[32])
    • Faster kernel startup
    • WDDM automatic detection to help detect driver timeout issue
    • More examples in the SDK
    • Faster compilation on large code bases with many virtual functions
    • Streams support

Not all C# features and types are supported by Hybridizer, hence we recommend you start using a trial license.

However, you should note it’s still a beta version, mostly because of the installer project. Most issues should be fixed, but we were not able to test on all machine configurations (windows version, locale…). If you run into blocking issue, please file a bug. If you need to rollback, follow our troubleshooting page.