Hybridizer Essentials 1.2.10341

We just published a new release of Hybridizer Essentials

New in this release

  • [experimental] generic functions (not virtual)
  • [experimental] cooperative_groups (no multi device sync)
  • [CUDA only] pass virtual function as argument (ldvirtftn opcode)
  • [CUDA only] complete support of is/as keywords (requires type conversion support in hybridizer options)
  • documentation website
  • add SingleStaticAssignment attribute – for types which must be assigned immediately after declaration, such as thread_block.
  • more options for script version of hybridizer (relocatable device code, additional libraries for jitter, intrinsics, etc)

Bug fixes

  • fix atomicExpr C# implementation
  • ICustomMarshaller didn’t marshal memory back to host
  • removal of hybdelegate, replaced by hybaction and hybfunc everywhere
  • static methods of generic types can be marshalled

You can download it from visual studio (2012 to 2017), marketplace, or from our github