May 16, 2019

Hybridizer Essentials 1.2.10484

We just published a new release of Hybridizer Essentials

New in this release

  • CUDA 10.1 support
  • Visual Studio 2019 support
  • Better AVX512 support
  • generic functions (not virtual)

You can download it from visual studio, marketplace, or from our github

February 21, 2019

Hybridizer Essentials 1.2.10341

We just published a new release of Hybridizer Essentials

New in this release

  • [experimental] generic functions (not virtual)
  • [experimental] cooperative_groups (no multi device sync)
  • [CUDA only] pass virtual function as argument (ldvirtftn opcode)
  • [CUDA only] complete support of is/as keywords (requires type conversion support in hybridizer options)
  • documentation website
  • add SingleStaticAssignment attribute – for types which must be assigned immediately after declaration, such as thread_block.
  • more options for script version of hybridizer (relocatable device code, additional libraries for jitter, intrinsics, etc)

Bug fixes

  • fix atomicExpr C# implementation
  • ICustomMarshaller didn’t marshal memory back to host
  • removal of hybdelegate, replaced by hybaction and hybfunc everywhere
  • static methods of generic types can be marshalled

You can download it from visual studio (2012 to 2017), marketplace, or from our github

May 24, 2018

Hybridizer Essentials Pro Release

We juste released a new version of Hybridizer Essentials

We now support commercial licenses!

Trial period has been extended to 3 months. Then it’s 200€ / machine / year. Free for students, academics and hobbyists (upon request).

We worked hard to change our licensing model, but in the meantime, we worked on the product itself. Check out the news:

What’s new:

  • CUDA 9.2 support
  • Extended trial period (3 months)
  • Support of commercial licenses
  • Documentation! We published both general and API doc
  • MSI based installed instead of VSIX
  • Complete rewrite of Visual Studio integration. Should be faster and better looking.
  • Free for academics/students and hobbyists (upon request)
  • New features and bug fixes:
    • Heap allocation of primitive types arrays (new float[32])
    • Faster kernel startup
    • WDDM automatic detection to help detect driver timeout issue
    • More examples in the SDK (april_update branch until release)
    • Faster compilation on large code bases with many virtual functions
    • Streams support
    • Possible to register dll with an assembly attribute instead of explicit dll name in the code

May 17, 2018

Compute Bound Median Filter On GPU

On May 16th 2018 we presented at PerfUG.
Our presentation was about taking an existing C# code and run it on the GPU with Hybridizer.
We went through all optimization phases, from simple C# parallel for to a rolling buffer of registers with sorting networks.

Check out the slides: