Hybridizer Essentials For Linux – Beta

With version 1.1.6151.9352 comes a beta version of Hybridizer Essentials for Linux.

You can download the package from our github.


  • Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 – should work on other debian-based systems
  • Install a version of CUDA (starting at 8.0 – 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 supported)
  • Install Mono (version or later)


  • Intall deb package #> sudo dpkg -i hybridizer-essentials-amd64-.deb
  • Package will install in /opt/altimesh/hybridizer-essentials

Request a license:

  • Run /opt/altimesh/hybridizer-essentials/bin/RequestLicense.exe and follow the instructions.
  • The license key for your machine will be sent to you by email to the address you are invited to provide.
  • Edit a .hybridizerrc configuration in your home directory and paste the license after the hostname and column. Here is an example:
    MyMachineHostName: yTfgNaoGHDZYpP7t0+ECTLeaUuNr<...>lPg==

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