Hybridizer Essentials Pro Release

We juste released a new version of Hybridizer Essentials

We now support commercial licenses!

Trial period has been extended to 3 months. Then it’s 200€ / machine / year. Free for students, academics and hobbyists (upon request).

We worked hard to change our licensing model, but in the meantime, we worked on the product itself. Check out the news:

What’s new:

  • CUDA 9.2 support
  • Extended trial period (3 months)
  • Support of commercial licenses
  • Documentation! We published both general and API doc
  • MSI based installed instead of VSIX
  • Complete rewrite of Visual Studio integration. Should be faster and better looking.
  • Free for academics/students and hobbyists (upon request)
  • New features and bug fixes:
    • Heap allocation of primitive types arrays (new float[32])
    • Faster kernel startup
    • WDDM automatic detection to help detect driver timeout issue
    • More examples in the SDK (april_update branch until release)
    • Faster compilation on large code bases with many virtual functions
    • Streams support
    • Possible to register dll with an assembly attribute instead of explicit dll name in the code