Run C# code on GPU in a minute

We updated Hybridizer Essentials today.
We fixed numerous bugs, and added some new features:

  • Cublas, Cusparse and Nvblas are better supported in CUDA 9.0 and 9.1
  • We now support intrinsic includes
  • Visual studio integration should be faster, due to a large code refactoring and performance improvements
  • We added an Item template containing all the required boilerplate C# code. That should save you some precious time
  • Some users reported a freeze of Visual Studio 2017. This should be fixed
  • We had a time zone issue for PST users. Licenses now work immediately from their zone
  • cudaDeviceProperties are now correctly mapped in cuda 9.0 and 9.1
  • Generated CUDA projects now contain the -G option in debug
  • Binary is compiled for the machine’s GPU. That means it’s compiled with the best compute capability available, but can’t be run on another machine

Finally we updated Hybridizer Samples to integrate those changes.
Given those changes, it’s now possible to create a new C# project and run code on a GPU in less than a minute:

Stay tuned!

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